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We provide very high quality SEO packages where you get backlinks from sites having DA upto 100 and are very strong like google.com,facebook.com etc.We created 1 week SEO plan where you get top notch backlinks from 500 sites having high DA and when you follow complete SEO plan for 1 week you are guaranteed to get high quality search engine rankings.These 5 packages are 100% secure and safe for your money sites and we do it 100% manually so you are secured.

Step - 1

Buy a package of 100 highest quality backlinks for an unbeatable price of only $29 / package or follow our specially developed weekly plan for get 500 highest quality backlinks in 1 week.

Step - 2

Provide us the link to your web-site and your keywords. Your can do this both per e-mail at info@internetmarketingeagle.com or by filling our Web-Site Submit Form. Be sure to provide the same e-mail that you used for the PayPal payment.

Step -3

Within 7 business days you will get a complete backlink report with regard to your order.

Super quality 100(DA) Submission 1

100% safe submission

Backlinks are done from Bookmarking,Profile, PDF posting,Image sharing and Web2.0.These backlinks come from different backlinks profiles

Complete Submission report will be provided

High quality sites DA upto 100

Safe for your money site as it is done manually and with different keywords.You can target upto 10 keywords

Completed in 4~5 days

Super quality 100(DA) Submisison 2

100% safe submission

Backlinks come from PDF posting,Web2.0,Bookmarking,Profile,Forum posting and Image sharing

Complete Submission report will be provided.Click on sample backlinks button!

Done in 4-5 days

Safe for your money site as it is done manually and with different keywords.You can target upto 10 keywords

Super quality 100(DA) submission 3

100% Manual and 100% safe submission

Backlinks comprises of Bookmarking,Web2.0,Forum creation,Profile

Complete Submission report

Completed in 4-5 days

Safe for your money site

Super quality 100 DA submission -4

100% safe submissions

Super quality submissions comes from Image sharing,Bookmarking,PDF posting,Web2.0 and Profile

100% safe for money site

Done in 4-5 days

Details submission report

Super quality 100 DA submission -5

100% safe submission

Super quality DA submissions upto DA 100

All different backlinks from Image sharing,Bookmarking,Web2.0,PDF posting and Profile

Completed in 4-5 days

Complete submission report

Client Testimonials

Internet marketing Eagle have successfully completed our projects.I really see my sites in google now.They were no where in search results but now i see them in page 1 and getting good sales.Thanks IME.

Ben Smith Web Marketing Consultant

This SEO company have deep knowledge of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Social Media Marketing(SMM).They only do manual submissions and high quality SEO on our site which is safe and secure.Highly recommended SEO service.

Karen childs Marketing Consultant